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7 Trending Google Play Apps for Adults

By on May 6, 2020

If you are looking for the best apps to download on your new Android device you may require some help and advice. Smartphones offer so many choices these days that as a user you are likely to feel overwhelmed. Whether you have a budget phone or a top-of-the-line Android smartphone, all you have to do is visit Google Play, and with a few taps, your preferred applications have been downloaded. So, you have an app for almost everything, ranging from booking a cab to ordering takeouts for dinner to watching the latest news. But, how do you know which are the most trending apps on Google Play?

Top trending apps on Google Play:

  1. 1Weather is by far one of the best weather apps that grownups can refer to; the app comes with a simple interface showing the current weather and forecasts for the next 12 weeks, and other fun statistics. You can also enjoy customizable widgets, radar to alert you about approaching storms, and severe weather alerts. If you wish to enjoy the app without ads, you can choose the paid version.
  2. Google Assistant / Google Feed / Google Search: This free app is one of the most powerful Google Play apps and works on almost all Android devices. You may ask all your queries here and it supports a wide range of commands like controlling lights, solving math problems, and even answering measures about population control. Its functions can be enhanced through devices like Bose QC II Bluetooth headphones, Chromecast etc.
  3. LastPass: This is one of the best password manager android apps allowing users to save their login credentials in a secure location. It will even allow you to generate difficult-to-guess passwords for your accounts and works on a wide variety of devices like tablets, smartphones, computers etc. All such generated passwords are under a master password. The premium version is budget-friendly and you can opt for the LastPass Authenticator for additional security.
  4. Bouncer is probably the finest Android app to be launched in 2018 and this security app allows you to give temporary permissions for applications. This means that you can allow Facebook to access your locations only when you check into some place and this app will disable the permission the moment you log out.
  5. Google Drive refers to cloud storage that Android offers and new users can enjoy 15 GB free when they sign up. It offers a suite of apps such as Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Photos, and Gmail, etc. You can use any of these apps for working and increasing your productivity. Some apps have features including deep-sharing, live-collaboration, and are compatible with documents in Microsoft Office.
  6. Stash:  Also known as Stash Invest it is one of the best apps available to online traders. Unlike other investment apps, Stash lets you buy fractional shares of stock, bonds, and ETFs—with no add commission fees. Start investing with as little as $5 today.
  7. Nova Launcher has been there for long and is regularly updated. It offers multiple features like the ability to restore and back up home screen set ups, customizing the home screen or app drawer, icon theming for apps, etc. With a premium version you can enjoy gesture controls and icon swipe action.
  8. Bitcoin Prime is one of the trending powerful Bitcoin trading platforms which you can use to trade on the go. The app lets you trade Bitcoin along with other commodities. Visit to learn more about the app.
  9. Podcast Addict is one of the best podcast listening apps in the world It comes with an intuitive and simple user interface and many organizational features, download and playback feature, and a one-cost premium version. Users can browse for podcasts by categories or via individual searches. You may create your own playlists, set downloading rules, and it supports both SONOS and Chromecast.

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